PK COOPER DESIGNS -                                    KILN-FIRED ART GLASS
About Me
Art is a journey and mine started with working in metal. As a jewelry designer, I loved how metal could be reshaped and combined to be wearable art.  By chance I took a class in fused glass so that I could incorporate this beauty into my metal work.  Where I thought this would be a complement to my jewelry line, I started down a path of new adventure.  
My glass art is inspired by my love of the ocean, marine life, tropical surroundings.  I love experimenting with glass and trying new techniques.  Glass is an amazing medium and the results are a mix of expected, totally unexpected, more than what you could hope for, and what you dreamed it could be.  This anticipation drives me to experiment with new techniques, color combinations, and freeform artistic design.
I have been fortunate to study from artists across the United States whose work I admire.  These include Avery Anderson in Oregon for silkscreening, sandblasting and photoemulsion, Robert Leatherbarrow in Canada for powders (colors, components and crackle), Stan Price of Washington State who provided his expertise in painting on glass, Sister Diane Couture in St Augustine on stained glass painting, Richard Lalonde on Whidbey Island in Washington State teaching glass frit fusing, Marty Kremer, of Pound Ridge, New York, who works for the most part in strip glass construction and Michael Dupille,, various glass techniques using glass frit.  These skills have now allowed me a variety of expression in glass art.
In August of 2008 I had the honor of mixing my art with those whom I admire by contributing a cast Glass Twig to Susan Taylor Glasgow’s “Communal Nest”, a part of her exhibit “Absence of Body” at the Pittsburgh Glass Center.  To see photos of this beautiful construction, go to:  This exhibit was also part of the American Museum of Glass exhibition, Cycles and Symbols" opening May 1, 2011 at Wheaton Arts, Millville, NJ.  In 2012 the exhibit was viewed at the Craft Alliance - Grand Center, St. Louis, MO.
 I continue to donate several pieces of art each year to fundraisers, local functions and exhibits in the Florida Keys.  
My work is now displayed at Artists in Paradise in Big Pine Key, FL.  If you are in the Keys, please stop by.  You will be amazed at the beautiful pieces of art, paintings and sculpture from all local artists.
My husband and I moved from our home of many years in Ormond Beach, Florida, to our home in the Florida Keys in 2009.  The influence of the beauty of the Keys has begun to show itself in future projects.  And, what better place to work than in the middle of paradise!
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